Simplify Lights

Although I would love to have a go at setting up and using Philips Hue lights for example to automate tasks or behaviors and therefore simplify my life a bit more, this post is about a relatively low-tech simplification. No Internet-Of-Things devices, or app controlled magic. Just simple ceiling light with motion detector.

Here's the thing: we all know those outdoor lights that go on and off automatically when you move. Very handy when finding your way to the shed in the back of the garden. Those also exist for indoor use! DOH! Not with a huge floodlight attached to the sensor, but in a nice ceiling light package. They switch on when motion is detected and switch on after a configurable amount of time has passed in which no motion was detected.

There are several places for motion-detection lights in a (my) house, to simplify things a lot and save some energy:

  • Put one in the hallway. No need to find the light switch when coming home at night, with your hands full
  • Another one upstair in the hallway: automatic lights when going to the toilet at night, or when walking around with a crying child.
  • One can be handy in the kitchen. In our case, the kitchen is only for cooking, we eat in the living room. This means, many visits to the kitchen are to the fridge, or when entering the house from the garden. Handy to have a light switch on automatically and off when you have your cold beverage and are back on the couch to watch that movie.
  • Toilet. Need I say more?

Of course you would put LED bulbs in the fixtures and especially those in the hallways to give a nice, warm glow. That way you will not get blinded when stumbling to the toilet at night.

These lights are nothing new, it is just that I only recently discovered them when visiting a newly built house that had them installed. 

This is an easy way to simplify things in the house, raise the level of comfort (no more looking for the lightswitch when entering a dark house, with the groceries bags in your hands) and it saves significantly on energy usage. No more keeping the lights on when there is no one there to enjoy it.

Image credit: Northern Lights over Reykjanes Peninsula Sea Stacks, Iceland by Diana Robinson