A New Beginning, sort of

Well, at least the first post in quite a long time. Since the last one, I had a multitude of reason for not writing here; mainly busy with work and was sick after that for a few weeks and unable to write. On the other hand, I had lost the focus required to write often as well.

Anyway, I want to get back into regular writing and that is why I signed up for Leo Babauta’s '30-day Learning Challenge'. Learning a new skill, changing a habit, it all comes down to the phrase made famous by a sports brand:”Just do it”. The skill I want to learn is writing. Improve my writing. Which I expect will be tough at times, especially when I do not know what to write about.

But, here goes! So, starting today, I will write something on this blog, every day of the month. It can be short, long, fiction or a technical tutorial, whatever. But write I will. 

If you want to see if I can do it, hold me accountable, give some constructive criticism? Please follow me on twitter: @tryingisbeing

And that is it for today. The ideas are starting to flow already, so I am going to write them down somewhere, so I have a backup plan in case I hit writers block ;-)

Image credit: Mike Behnken