Links and experiences

Today will be a short one, but hopefully valuable to anybody interested in writing themselves. If it helped me getting started, it might help you as well. I want to share a few links I have gathered and used and briefly talk about the experience so far. Since this writing experiment is part of the 30-day challenge started by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, let's start with some links to articles on his site that are about writing:

To be honest, I have no daily routine in writing yet. Even though I have been writing daily for almost two weeks now, I have still not managed to do it the same way and time every day. I just don't find a place to fit it in consistently. I pretty much have a routine down once I start writing though. A quiet place, without distractions is a must. And I do almost everything with music, wether it requires focus or not. Not writing though. It feels like I need to reduce the stimuli into my brain as much as possible in order for the story to form inside my head.  

What I have not figured out yet is what I like best to write in. I am experimenting with an ipad with bluetooth keyboard. A regular PC, an iMac (or actually a self-built hackintosh, another one of the things I wanted to learn this year) or my laptop at work, which is an extremely bulky laptop. Not sure what I like best, although I am able to write in Ommwriter on the iPad and iMac, and I absolutely love that program. It takes over the whole screen, has a very calm backdrop, no menus and a soothing soundtrack (best experienced with headphones). It gets me into great focus almost every time.  

If I had it my way, I would like to try and write using a macbook of some sorts so I am more mobile then on the iMac, but have a slightly bigger screen and better keyboard then I have with the iPad, and I could still use Ommwriter. Being in different places to write seems to be better for creativity than sitting at the same desk every day. Oh, and I am not sponsored by or otherwise affiliated with Ommwriter. I am just a very happy customer who paid for the iOS and OSX versions.

Maybe that chance will come up and if not, I have access to plenty of alternatives. That's it for today, see you tomorrow!