Two weeks of writing every day

Today, the second week of the 30-day learning challenge comes to an end. So, thirteen posts made so far. And like last week, I use the sunday's to briefly look back at the past week. 

These are the posts from last week:

For me two posts were special: 'How losing €53K made me happy' and 'How to become a serial killer'. 

The former was the most personal post I have made so far, and I was able to translate the idea I had in my head into the post. I wanted to make a title that would trigger people to read further. Looking back at all those years that place was for sale, made me realize the many many great turns my life has taken. And to be able to write about it was a great experience, but also a bit scary since this is a big deal to me, but I realize it means nothing on the scale of what other people are going through. And if it is even interesting enough to them to read. It was though as I received the first comments on an article from this site on that post. They were made on linked-in though, but still: feedback. Something I had not had yet. 

The other one, "How to become a serial killer" was also special to me, because it is the first attempt at story-writing. The whole thing is based on a joke I had heard a long time ago and remembered. Based around that story I made up the main character, his background, and changed the pun slightly. Looking back at it, there are so many things I see now that I would like to change. Nothing major, but sentences, just add or remove a word here or there. But, one of the lessons I learned for myself that I let myself make something "perfect", it never gets finished. 

Two weeks in and I still have no routine moment down. I tried the mornings, but with a little one waking up at different times in the morning, and the night, I cannot get into a rhythm. However, with a busy schedule every day of the week I have kind of surprised myself that I am still doing this and have not missed a day yet. Guess I feel obligated, but I also really enjoy it. Every post means I am far away from my comfort zone, but it is not scary enough to stop.

If you are following along, I would really appreciate if you would let me know what you think about this experiment and the writing. I value both compliments and (constructive) criticism. 

Talk to you again tomorrow