7 e-mails twitter sends you by default

Is your e-mail inbox overflowing? Do you find yourself skimming through the list of unread e-mails to find the one you need to pay attention to? Sounds familiar? Then it is time to start reducing the amount of incoming e-mail. Prevent stuff from getting in, as opposed to making a rule to delete or archive it automatically. 

This post is the first in a series to help you reduce the flood of incoming e-mails. First, we will focus on reducing the amount of messages you get from Twitter. Why Twitter? To be honest, because it is my most recent annoyance and after I spoke with some friends about it, I found out most of them had turned of (most of) te notifications. 

Twitter's 22 reasons to send you e-mail

Did you know that Twitter has found 22 reasons to send you e-mails? Granted, they are not all enabled by default. But if you do not change any settings you will receive a message everytime:
- You have a new follower
- Someone mentions you in a tweet
- You receive a reply to a tweet
- A person sends you a Direct Message
- You are retweeted

In addition you will receive "Updates about new Twitter products, features and tips" and "Product or service updates related to your account". You realize that means you are agreeing to receive spam, don't you?

Unless you are making a living from being solely on twitter, or have no other means to achieve happiness, now is a good time to stop the madness.

Setup twitter e-mail notifications

Accessing the e-mail notifications is not too difficult, but a bit of guidance to find the settings page can be helpfule:

  • Go to Twitter and login if you haven't already
  • Go directly to the notifications page, or go there manually:
  • At the top bar, click on your profile picture in the top right and click "settings" in the dropdown menu

Click on your profile picture in the top right corner to access the menu. Then click "Settings"

  • Click on "Email notifications" to access the e-mail settings.

And behold the list of reasons Twitter has found to send you e-mail:

There are 22 check boxes for you to precisely setup the e-mails you want. 

So, spend a few minutes to set this up according to your needs. Or better yet, go cold-turkey by turning it off alltogether. After all, you know where to opt-in if you do want to receive distractions again. 

Now congratulate yourself for saving a few minutes! It may not look like much, but they do add up over time so you have more time to go outside and play!