Why Write?

Why write? Writing helps to put the mind to rest. Writing helps to bring order to the chaos of thoughts. Documenting the ideas in your head, helps you find direction and clarity. Somehow, writing down an idea, makes it more real. Even if no-one reads it, the fact that it is no longer only a thought makes it real. And for me, that is a way to measure how serious that thought or idea is. If I should focus on it or not.

It also serves another purpose, it clears your head. By writing them down, they are out of your head. Clearing you head and giving it room to focus on what is important now. 

And finally a thought or idea that has been written down, can be shared. And that is a powerful thing. Thoughts can not be unthought. So, by sharing it, it may just spark an idea in someone else, and so it can grow into something big.

This 30-Day Challenge, allows me to gain some experience in writing and therefore in structuring my ideas. Crafting a post with words is harder than I thought, but also gives me more satisfaction once completed than I had thought.

See you tomorrow.

Image credit: Katie Sayer