Know when you can see the International Space Station!

Earlier this week, IFTTT was mentioned as a way to automate boring or repetitive tasks. Also, readers who have been here before know I am not a big fan of notifications, but today I will move away for once and share some IFTTT recipes that notify you of something very not-boring. 

With the help of Nasa, IFTTT and a notification service, you can dramatically increase your changes of seeing the ISS pass overhead!

About 17 years ago, the first module of the International Space Station was brought into space and it has since been extended into the largest man made object into space. So large in fact, that it can be seen from earth with the naked eye. The whole structures circles our planet in a low orbit, with a distance from earth between 330 and 435 km (205 and 270 miles). The station has been permanently inhabited since 2 November 2000. Dutch astronaut André Kuipers has spent 193 days there and until recently held the record for longest time in space for a Euopean astronaut. The station orbits the earth 15,5 times per day. 

Of course NASA provides a webpage where you can check when the station passes over a certain location on earth, but with these IFTTT recipes you will be notified as it happens. You provide a location to monitor and the recipe will notify you when the station is overhead and for how long. In daylight it is hard to see, but on a clear night, it can be very visible as a fast moving dot of light across the night sky.

All these recipes provide a notification, but in different ways. There is one that sends an email, sends a message on Slacknotifies your iOS  device, Android devicesPushover notification or an old-skool SMS message.

So, add the one you find most convenient and look up when you get the notification!