Thinking into a subject

The reason for signing up to the 30-Day Learning Challenge is to get into the habit of writing. At least that was the explanation I gave to myself when I asked myself "why sign up?".

When doing a search for  the subject of writing for blogs, the first sentence on the first site that was listed was:

"Blogging is a great way to 'think your way into a subject and make it your own' and to have fun at the same time." 

That made sense, so this post is an exercise in thinking into this subject.
This challenge is a way to create a habit of writing. The goal is not to get more pageviews, twitter followers or subscribers. Nor is writing a book the goal, or even writing anything great. No, the goal is just to write regularly, right? Not exactly, just typing a few words everyday does not make sense. That would be a waste of time for the both you and me. So, in order not to waste everybody's time, whatever gets written should benefit at least one reader or myself, the writer. I know doing this is at least beneficial to me, although I surely hope you do not feel like you are wasting time right now.

The benefit is that you get to think about what to write and learning how to write about it. What words to use, what to leave out, how to craft the post. Thinking about how to write something means thinking about what it is you're sharing. For me that means, writing is a way to give the many thoughts and ideas in my head some room to exist,to grow and to explore them.

Once it is written down, it is safe to let go of it in my mind. That gives a sense of calm and peace. Many thoughts and ideas are volatile, so they can be lost if not written down. By writing it down, there is a backup. The mind can now focus on other things and get back into the subject by reading the writing. Publishing it online means it is out in the open. The idea can have a life of its own, others can read about it and take it for a spin. 

And that is the end of the exercise. What do you think, care to share your perspective?

Image credit: Davide Restivo