Digital insurance

Two days ago, I was working at the office when it started to smell like something was burning. Since I work at an IT department, the first thing many of us thought, was that somewhere a computer was dying. But, as soon as we saw firetrucks driving by, we knew something else was going on. Turned out a house was on fire in the street behind our office. What started as a small fire in the utility closet and seemed under control, unfortunately grew out to be a devestating fire consuming almost three houses. One has completely burnt to the ground. Those on either side of it are too dangerous to enter. At least one young family lost everything and some students lost their rooms as well.  Fortunately, no people were injured as nobody had been home.

I had walked by that house just 30 minutes before as it is on the route of my daily lunch walk. Nothing had brought my attention to the house at the time. I walked by the place again yesterday and some of it had already been torn down. What an aweful sight. Especially knowing a young family lived there and according to neighbours, they had just finished renovating the place. The image of the ruins has made quite an impression on me and there have been two thoughts on my mind since yesterday afternoon: Thank god, nobody was in the house. And the second: I really need to get an off-site backup of our digital stuff :-) In one of the news articles about it, one of the students that lived next door, was interviewed. When he saw smoke coming into his room, through the walls of his room, all he did was grab his laptop and leave. Since, we do not have a laptop, but quite a large computer, I would not carry that outside. Assuming I would be home in case our place would be on fire. So, if you will excuse me, I am going to look at ways to get all our photo's and documents somewhere safe.