The journey is the destination

Making stuff is something I need to do. Whenever a project pops into my head, it will linger for a little bit while I figure out if I think I can actually accomplish it, what would be needed, how much would it cost, etc. It is that exercise that either makes me loose interest or become borderline obsessed with the idea of having that something in my life.

But, a few months ago I realised that it is all about the making and not at all about having the object. Almost always does a project somehow revolve about something technical, or at least include it. Many times it requires some craft skills as well, like basic woodworking. It includes enough familiar stuff for me to not throw the idea out, and always something new (to me) to learn about. For example, I built an arcade machine. When contemplating the project, I basically told myself it just a PC in a box. But to build that box would require some basic woodworking skills.

After that I built a digital pinball machine. Again basically a PC in a pinball housing, replacing the mechanical parts on the playfield and below with a flatscreen TV. Again, the PC part was known, I could see a bit better what woodworking was required, but this time a lot of electrical parts (motors, lights, etc) had to be hooked up to and controlled by the PC. And I am no electrician.

Those are just two of the builds, but in all other projects it has been pretty much the same thing. Normally, I keep the finished projects, however the pinball machine had to go to make room. That is when I realised I did not mind the machine going away. Even though many hours of fun had been had, it did not bother me at all. Which surprised me a bit. After thinking it through, I concluded that making the machine was the goal. That is where I learned new things, that is what it is all about.

Signing up for this 30-day Learning Challenge to learn more about writing and doing it on this blog, may be following that same pattern. I am familiar with blogs in general, I have setup one or two before. But the actual act of writing is very new. The difference with this is that I do not really have a good feeling of where this will go. But so far, I am liking it.

 The arcade cabinet and pinball machine I made.

The arcade cabinet and pinball machine I made.