4 smartly space saving kitchen wares for cooking on the road

Campervans are amazing, but their modest dimensions are both a great feature as well as the biggest challenge for most. Being small and nimble has its obvious advantages in traffic and you can go places a large RV cannot. The lack of interior space requires careful consideration when packing. It is very possible to pack light and not lower your level of comfort if you pack smart stuff. When packing for your next trip, look for things that either stack, fold, perform multiple functions or a combination of those factors. Of course there are a lot of smart, lightweight, folding products that are used by backpackers, but most of those focus on being extremely small and lightweight, sometimes at the cost of functionality and aestetics. Here are 4 products that allow you to enjoy all the tools of your kitchen at home, in a really small package.

Nest by Joseph Joseph

Joseph joseph Nest 9 Plus

Joseph joseph Nest 9 Plus

This brand carries many items that perform their function in a smart way, fold flat or stack nicely. Often in nice, bright colors too. Their Nest line of products is a series of stacked kitchenware that all fits neatly into a mixing bowl. The latest iteration of this is the Nest 9 Plus, which contains 5 measuring cups, a small mixing bowl with measurements, a stainless-steel mesh sieve, a colander and a large mixing bowl. All the bowls have a non-slip bottom and the different items are brightly colored. It is all dishwasher safe to give it a thorough cleaning when you get home. 

Personally, I have used the Nest 7 for a few years already both at home and while travelling and I love it for its functionality and space saving design. Although the sieve in my set deformed when I tried to use it to steam vegetables on a pan of boiling water. 

Joseph Joseph TriScale

While a scale is not something many people pack when they go travelling, this folding one can come in very handy in a variety of situations. Obviously it can have its advantages when cooking, but when travelling with a baby this is an easy way to measure the right amount or whatever it is you need to feed your little one. Though a little pricey if you only occassionally use it in your campervan, this device is also easy to use in your kitchen at home. The scale measures in the following units: gms, lbs, ozs, fl.ozs and mls to a maximum of 5kg/176.4 fl.oz/11lb/5000ml.


Bento Kitchen Bottle

This 8-in-1 bottle holds several tools to use in your campsite kitchen when cooking or making a delicious fresh breakfast. The set consists of a funnel and citrus juicer, spice grater, cheese grater, lid grip and opener, egg masher, egg yolk separator and a measuring cup (up to 420ml. Although the egg yolk separator is not very useful in my opinion (just as easy to separate the yolk using the egg shell itself), the rest could come in quite handy from time to time and as you see, it takes up very little space in your camper van kitchen cupboard.



If you are one to just stick to noodles while travelling, the OneBowl may be right for you. It is an all-in-one solution to cook, strain, store and eat from one bowl. This product is currently being funded on Kickstarter



So, whether you want to cook or workout, there are many ways to take the right tools with you in a smart way. Save space by combining multiple functions in one package, fold or stack, or all of the above and voila, you can enjoy the comfort you have at home, with the added benefit of a magnificent view. If you parked your van in the right spot, that is.

Header image: Mt Cook Road