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Geez, I stink at writing this kind of stuff. That’s why I am writing this, to get better at it.

This is the part where I should convince you that you’d be missing out if you did not subscribe. But the truth is, your life will happily continue without subscribing. So why should you?

I’ll tell you.

If been fortunate to be able to help people make changes in their lives.

The thing is, I think a lot about stuff. I love to learn a lot. Read books, listen to podcasts, etc. It all gets in my head, and mixes and matches into new thoughts and ideas.

Most of those ideas are pretty useless, no doubt. But some ideas tend to resonate with others. Some even help my coaching clients to make big life changing decisions. I am really happy I can do that for them.

When an idea resonates, it can quickly shift our perception of things and cause a change in how we live our lives.

So, this is a place to get ideas. Expose yourself to them. Some will be open doors for you, some may rub you the wrong way, and every once in a while, there is something that resonates.

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