Self-help books rarely deliver what the cover promises. This two-part series explores why these books often fail to make a dent in our lives.
Perfectionism is a fear of failure, not a badge of honor.
You know those times in your life when you come to a bifurcation on the path, and you sense that the potential for change is heightened. It is called…
Are you wearing golden handcuffs? Have a feeling that there is more in store for you? The longer you ignore that itch, the nastier it becomes. Learn to…
Consider setting goals in which you commit on putting in a specific effort, instead of achieving a certain outcome
Lessons learned from a course launch that did not made no sales (yet).

August 2022

Change is a process, not an event. Events are the results of an executed process. Shift your focus and allow change to happen.
A perspective on "work vs life" for independent creators with a heart for their business.
How a coachee embraced "Trying is being" as her motto for changing her life
How I answer the "what do you do" question as an independent entrepreneur
Better to never start, then fail trying ;-)

July 2022

-- Arsen Yeremin